Don’t know what to do with your old and used electronics?… Bring them to the ReStore!

The Thunder Bay ReStore works with Harbor Metals to collect e-waste and help reduce waste going to the landfill and ensure that electronics are responsibly recycled. Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay ReStore receives payment for the collection of e-waste which is then used to help build homes for families in our community. 

Items Accepted for E-Waste at the ReStore

Display Devices


Computer monitors

Professional display devices

All-in-one computers

Includes Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Rear Projection and all flat Panel technologies (e.g. LCD, Plasma, LED)


Desktop computers

Portable computers (e.g. laptops, notebooks, net-books, tablets)

Printers & Peripherals

After market vehicle audio and video devices

AM/FM Radios

Answering machines that utilize cassette-based or digital recording technologies

Cordless telephones requiring an electrical base station/handset cradle for battery charging and wire-line network connection

Desktop multi-function devices

Desktop printers

Desktop printing, copying and multi-functional devices

Digital picture frames

Digital Video Disk (DVD) players and recorder

Fax machines

Handheld printers such as calculators with printing capabilities or label makers

Hard Drives

Home stereo amplifiers

Home stereo systems

Home theater in a box includes home theater image audio and video equipment and speakers




Optical Drives

Point of Sale (POS) receipt printers


Speaker systems, including computer speakers

Turntables (Record Players and gramophones)

Typewriters powered by an AC power plug or by internal battery unit

Video cassette players (VCRs) and/or video projectors

VoIP phones

Wire line telephones including rotary and touch-tone technologies

* Please erase all content from electronic devices before disposal for your own protection and safety.

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