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Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay couldn’t function without the tireless efforts of it’s volunteers.  We often need people form the community to step up and help out. We have many Areas of Interest available for volunteering ranging from the Build site to the Office. It can be fun and very rewarding so please take a look at the opportunities list to see if you can do your part for Thunder Bay. If interested, please register to volunteer today!



House build


Habitat’s Adopt-a-Day program is an excellent way to get out of the office for fresh air, exercise and to build bonds with coworkers, friends or family. Building with Habitat produces tangible results. You’ll be able to drive past the home years later and say, “We helped build it!”

When your team arrives at the build site, titles disappear and you all learn together in a safe environment. All safety gear, training and lunch are provided – along with your company or group’s logo displayed prominently on our build site. Your group receives tee shirts, on site signage with your logo, website recognition, lunch and digital picture of your group that you can proudly display in your office. The cost is $2,500 for groups up to 20 people. You can also raise support to cover the cost by receiving donations.

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