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Many Canadian families live month to month, forced to decide between paying for heat or rent – a choice no family should ever have to make.

Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay works in partnership with families living in inadequate housing to build them homes they can afford. Each Habitat for Humanity affiliate accepts home applications and selects families to purchase homes with affordable mortgages based on three criteria:

Level of need – Families must live within the government-set Low Income Measures levels.

Ability to repay a Habitat mortgage – The families must have a steady income sufficient to cover mortgage payments as well as other costs associated with home ownership.

Willingness to partner with Habitat – Families must be able to contribute 500 hours of volunteer labour, or “sweat equity” by working to build their home, working in the ReStore or working at Habitat events.

If you are interested in becoming a Future Homeowner with Habitat please email Diane at: or call (807) 345-5520 ext. 307

What will this involve for you?

• You will complete 500 hours of volunteer time as a family before moving into your house.

• You will make regular monthly payments on your mortgage.

What will you gain?

• You will have the satisfaction of buying a home of your own.

• You will have an interest-free mortgage which is geared to your income level

Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay brings people together to create and preserve homeownership in our neighbourhoods, to partner with hard-working, low-income families to be successful homeowners, and to inspire action that promotes affordable housing for everyone in our community.
We have opportunities for many people and organizations to take action! If you are interested please see the email below to contact.